Daniele's composition Motherhood is a beautiful ode to maternity and parentage. A mother is nursing her child and we can discern perhaps there are two women holding the infant in this artwork. Daniele conveys she is dyslexic and works with both hands turning her paper continuously. Daniele's style can come as a surprise to even herself as its uniqueness is completely unplanned. Surrendering to the spontaneity of her work, the artist is still learning to live with it and embrace her individualism.

Neena is 3rd generation of adopted baby girl in my lineage, the narrative about mother and child here is about unconditional love and the gift of life. The pluralism is expressed via the gold jewellery and the fabrics, the background is worked with brass metallic paint.

This piece was exhibited in 2019 at the Old Fire Station, Redcliffe Peninsula QLD.

Size: 80 x 60 cm

Materials: Watercolour/collage. On two sorts of cotton rag papers, a textured paper and cold press smooth paper.

Framing: Foam core mounted with red mat.

Style: Expressionist