About The Artists

Get to know the artists behind Whitfield Collection

An intergrable component of our gallery, the art cultivators of Whitfield Collection are leading the way and introducing collectors of art to a place of familiarity and ethical art purverying. Our artists have a significant commitment to their labours of love and every artwork listed on Whitfield Collection is an authentic, guarenteed one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Sandy Archer

Sandy is a contemporary artist living in the hinterland of the Gold Coast on Tamborine Mountain. With an extensive background in design, she blends her passion for art with her skills in design to create ‘Art, designed to make you feel good!’ She creates bold striking statements, using vibrant colours and shapes that bring energy and impact to a space.

Always fascinated by journeys in her own life, her goal is to take you on a joyful journey across the canvas.

HerJourneys series explores the geometric abstract style. The artistic process is a balance of constraint and freedom. Intuition and consideration. All hand-drawn, no rulers or masking tape. It's an exploration of colour and form, combining contrasting colours, shapes and angles to create an image that replicates the ‘beautiful chaos’ of nature. The result is a harmonious composition that takes you on your own uplifting journey that never ends...

Christine Beard

Christine Beard is a figurative contemporary artist. A self taught, emerging artist albeit a young at heart 62 year old woman. Christine makes use of the watercolour medium and rather than seeking out unique or original subject matters, Christine aims to avail the mundane and usual in her pieces. 

I chase after all the magic, light and colour that watercolour paint is capable of providing. My work offers vibrant colours and strong contrasting tones that will delight any interior designer, decorator or collector. Whether its an interior, or an urban setting or something featuring the sea and a beach, I try to feature people basked in light and colour.

My pieces aim to be at least the perfect complement to decorate the home and at best a vehicle that evokes memories of way back when for those compiling their own private art collection.

Explore Christines watercolour compositions

Georgina Downs

Georgina Downs is a Mixed Media Artist from Victoria, Australia.Collage has always been an extension of her music studies and was initially employed to express musical ideas and concepts. With a background in music education Georgina has always made collage whilst immersed in her studies. Her collage practice has since equipped her to visually understand advanced musical concepts.

Georgina's daily collage art practice now focuses on abstract landscapes and the subject of childhood. Curved natural shapes are consistently conveyed in her artworks, her compositions comprise of landscape as the background evoking the autonomy she is interested in exploring.

 I intuitively simplify visual ideas. I want to explore the subject back to bare bones. I believe this is because of many years of simplifying big musical concepts to their core beauty so that young children could assimilate the ideas

Jess Harper

Born and raised in WA, Jess is a self taught artist. Expressing colour, texture and free movement, Jess has cultivated her own unique style.

Colour to me is more than just paint on a canvas. It's a vibrant display of self-expression that calls your name and resonates with your soul.

As a self-taught artist, I've experimented with a bunch of different styles, mediums and textures over the years, and now feel like I've hit a real sweet spot with my work.​I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

View Jess Harper's radiant textural paintings

Ian Burgess

Ian Burgess is a remarkable self taught artist. Originally from the UK, Ian migrated to Australia in 2009 and at present resides in the picturesque city of Lake Macquarie. Ian proclaims living on Australian soil inspires his work in new intricate directions. The artists mainly utilised media is acrylic on canvas, his works are often ambiguous, alluding to landscape and abstract motifs.

Colours in Ian's visual repertoire vary from warm and exciting to a more simplistic array of black and white. The artist, however, predominantly uses an extensive mixing palette and is intricate in his use of colour + value relationships and whether they combine together. His series ‘Joy of Colour’ represents and celebrates the joyous feelings personified in the artwork's sensory feast. Ian's subject matter focuses on imaginary abstract and semi abstract landscapes.

Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia

Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia is a distinguished figurative-expressionist artist and significant contributor to the art world. A native french speaker from Montreal Canada with a succinct interest in anthropology and linguistics, Daniele's art is often a piece of social commentary and her interest surpasses human consciousness and nature. Daniele's visual repertoire allows the viewer to interpret its story in whichever way they desire.

I use paper ground on my cotton rag paper and create a gestural abstract layer before starting a new project. My palette is extremely vibrant and conveys 'la joie de vivre', the fact that I draw very well facilitates the creation of visual stories and impromptu optical illusions.

View Daniele's figurative-expressionist mixed media masterpieces

Rhonda Davies

Rhonda is an Australian contemporary artist inspired by nature.

Central to Rhonda's paintings is her vibrant and sophisticated use of colour. She devotes much attention to the play of colours that makes her paintings sing with a freshness of a spring garden.

Anne-Maree Wise

Anne-Maree Wise is an abstract impressionist artist recreating visual journeys through colourful spaces illuminated with shafts of light. Anne-Maree paints a sensation, a moment, a feeling reminiscent of travel adventures, of being in a specific time and place.

My brushstrokes recreate a memory and release an energy with either a gentile swipe or a robust stroke leaving an expressive, intuitive mark on the canvas. My paintings create a visual space to wander through and contemplate.

View Anne-Maree's gorgeous abstract paintings

Lorna Gerard

Lorna Gerard is based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, she is deeply inspired by her love for the landscape, people and her passion for protecting the environment and its precious wildlife. With over 40 years’ experience in artistic mediums and technique, Lorna creates intuitively using paint, drawing and photographic reference.

The artist works from her home studio space and employs multiple mediums including collage/montage mixed media, acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil, charcoal, silk, a card designer, and print maker. Lorna loves to teach and pass on knowledge, the artist has also self-published and illustrated her own book.

Joanna Wolthuizen

An acclaimed Australian artist. Joanna's artwork style references Colour Field painting and Minimalism.

Wolthuizen's bold compositions with hard-edged, single-colour shapes oscillate between flat abstraction and illusionistic geometry.

Her paintings have been curated in numerous National Award exhibitions, including three times finalist in the prestigious Paddington Art Prize (2019, 2011. 2010), The Blake Prize (2011), and The Calleen Prize (2012, 2010). Joanna Wolthuizen's paintings are subsequently held in private and corporate collections in Australia, London, New York and Singapore.

Katie Sandison

Katie is passionate fine artist and teacher who captures past and present native endangered, extinct and common Australian flora and fauna species, through vibrant water colour/acrylic paintings depicted on wooden surfaces. She creates a crucial connection between the ordinary birds like the familiar iconic magpie and more rare extraordinary species hardly seen any more, in a unique and distinctive style of painting.

This purposeful documentation of whimsical scale distortions
highlights the importance of individual species exposing an illusionary world stemming from exotic colour schemes and the metallic reflections.