Why List With Us?

As lovers of local and Australia-wide art, our solitary purpose is to provide a bespoke platform for emerging to distinguished artists.

So why list with us?

The many talents we represent at Whitfield Collection are in capable guidance of our team with their artwork listed on our methodically marketed online art space.

Tailored to the Artist

Written features on your artwork exclusively by our Gallery Director/Curator.

Support 7 Days A Week

A dedicated and supportive team, available to assist you with all your collection needs.

An Exclusive Gallery

An exclusive gallery featuring bespoke art and guarenteed authentic. All artwork is handpicked by our Gallery Curator.

commitment by whitfield collection

Our Strategy

Our team is meticulous with our marketing strategy and well versed in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO are utilised by orienting our website to rank higher on Google results page when an art collector or buyer is to search for art online. We are consistently funding advertisements through Google, Facebook and Instagram for the Whitfield Collection gallery and with each of our Artists permission, their Artwork. We also are consistent in our networking efforts in conjunction with magazines, business and other brands through PR campaigning. 


The Whitfield Collection gallery marketing endeavours assist each artist substantially by publicising and advertising their artwork, essentially creating awareness and appreciation for each of our Artists.  

Whitfield Collection in the limelight: modish, unproblematic, and dependable Expand your online exposure and list with us

Target your audience and potential collectors by linking your website and social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook) to your collection at the Whitfield Collection gallery.

Let collectors know where they can purchase your art. Engage your audience by drawing people to your specific artworks linked to your Whitfield Collection profile. Share your Whitfield Collection profile link in your email signatures and business cards.  

Finallywork on your social media profiles, the more engagement you receive the more awareness collectors have of your works. On social media platforms like Instagram, dynamic display ads are created automatically if your post is getting a substantial amount of engagement. Whitfield Collection run paid advertisements for you. Paid ads on Google and social media are run from our website and socials. 

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