Shipping Your Artwork:

Once your artwork is sold an email will be sent to the artist (you) confirming the purchase of your artwork. Artwork must be dropped off to a post office/collection point or collected by a designated courier within 7 days. Whitfield Collection endeavour to have artwork delivered to the buyer within 14 business days.

To ensure the protection of your work, all artwork shipped on the Whitfield Collection site must be insured and request a signature upon delivery.

If the artist is arranging shipping you must provide Whitfield Collection with tracking of shipment and supply us with photographs of packed artwork prior to shipment.

Facilitated Shipping:

Whitfield Collection can facilitate the shipping process for artwork sold on our website. 

If you would like us to schedule shipping on your behalf we will arrange a postage label within 1 day of full payment received from the buyer. Once the shipping label is supplied, it is the artist's responsibility to pack their artwork for our designated couriers to collect or drop off to a collection point/post office within 7 day(s). Whitfield Collection endeavour to have artwork(s) delivered to the customer within 14 day(s).

All artwork is to be shipped through a reliable courier with a preference of express postage.

List of preferred couriers:


Pack & Send

Moving Art

IAS Art Couriers

Art Van Go



All artwork sold on the Whitfield Collection gallery must be packed to a secure and equitable standard for transit. Here is our advice on how to pack your artwork so it is prepared for its voyage to the buyer!


All artwork must be signed and dated, ready to hang artworks must have a string or wire attached to hang. Personal notes are a fantastic way to give the buyer a personal regard and maintain collector interest


*We strongly advise that you opt to purchase insurance to cover the items in case of damage or loss.


Stretched Canvases (Framed/Unframed) 


  • Glassine paper or acid-free tissue paper covering the artwork surface lightly and taped on the back with painters tape.
  • Bubble wrapped with a minimum of 3 layers and taped down on every corner ensuring it is adequately protected and padded.
  • If you are shipping a framed piece, protect the corners with styrofoam or cardboard. (if you feel your artwork needs more layering feel free to do so.
  • All artwork should fit securely once wrapped with no room for moving around and placed in a double thick cardboard package/box. .
  • Fragile tape/sticker (this way up arrows) on the package.
  • If you would like to have your Artwork packed and shipped by one of our preferred couriers such as Pack & Send and Art Van Go please be aware there will be extra delivery costs incurred and subtracted from the sold artwork price, contact us for more information. 


Small (A5, A4 and A3) artwork on paper; Prints, paintings watercolours and mixed media paper artwork:


  • Can be protected in acid-free clear plastic bags specifically designed for artwork. 
  • If these are inaccessible use glassine or acid-free tissue paper to wrap the artwork safely. Placing this inside a plastic wrap or cellophane bag will suffice. 
  • Place between two backboards, heavy cardboard or foam core board to prevent bending. Use painters tape to tape them together and place into a cardboard package or bubble wrap lined envelope. Make sure the artwork fits in the packaging or envelope tightly. Add extra bubble wrap if the packaging is a touch too large.


Tubed (for unframed canvases or large works on paper):


  • Shipping tubes are perfect for sending unstretched canvases or larger paper artwork. use a sheet or glassine or acid free tissue paper cut 2 inches larger than your artwork. 
  • Put artworks such as drawings, watercolours or print facing up on the tissue paper. 
  • To ensure paintings on canvas do not crack, place face down on tissue paper, make sure your painting is completely dry and do not roll too tightly. 
  • Tape with artists tape once rolled up. 
  • Add a layer of bubble wrap, cut the bubble wrap 2 inches longer than your rolled artwork and close the top and the bottom of the roll with the excess bubble wrap. 
  • Label your tube as FRAGILE to give your artwork extra protection during transit.


Ceramics and Sculpture:


  • Layer your ceramic or sculpture with a variety or packing materials. Use biodegradable packing peanuts to fill any hollow items keeping the inside layered and cushioned for transit. Wrap the ceramic or sculpture in acid-free tissue paper and 2 layers of bubble wrap to add extra protection. Use tape to secure all layers. 
  • Place your delicately layered artwork into a snug-fitting box leaving space for more packing materials ensuring the artwork is not directly touching the sides of the box. 
  • Fill the spaces with pieces of foam or biodegradable packing peanuts and thin cardboard scrunched up. 
  • Seal the box and double box into a larger box with the spaces with more packing materials ensuring the smaller box is tightly secured. 

For multiple ceramics:

If you are considering stacking your works eg. plates or bowls, wrap each item individually with tissue paper and bubble wrap before stacking. If you are sending multiple ceramics or sculptures, create a divider by crisscrossing cardboard and placing each item in a secured space in the divider. Fill spaces with material such as biodegradable packing peanuts.

Secure your box with tape on each side and label the package with Fragile and arrows pointing upwards labeled This Way Up.


For extremely delicate or work of substantial value please contact us at for our advice. 


Photos of Your Artwork For Shipment 


To ensure all artwork sold on Whitfield Collection arrives to the buyer in immaculate condition we require photographs of your packaged artwork as proof of packaging adhering to Whitfield Collections standards. Photographs are crucial and will assist us both if your artwork is damaged during transit and we need to file an insurance claim. 


Photos consisting of:


  • Canvases bubble wrapped with corners protected (if framed), 
  • Prints wrapped with glassine or acid free paper fitted between backboards on each side of the print. 
  • Artwork rolled before going into the tube.
  • The ceramic or sculpture in the box full of packing peanuts, and the artwork wrapped in acid free tissue paper and bubble wrap, taped securely.
  • And the final packaging, sealed box, parcel or tube. 


Cases where insurance claims are not guaranteed include:


Artwork including or framed with glass 


Insufficient packaging


Whitfield Collection guarantee all artwork is arrived to the purchaser in immaculate condition, to insure this, we advise watching these professional tutorials on how to pack fragile artwork:



Whitfield Collection are responsible for payment and will transfer funds to the Artists nominated bank account once the Artwork is delivered and the 7 day returns period has concluded.