Our Story

We are a nouveau art space epitomising a modish twist on the traditional local art gallery. Our ethos is maintained as a unique, curated online space with a largely collaborative nature.

Whitfield Collection represent artists all around Australia's states and territories and purvey contemporary artwork online. As lovers of local and Australia-wide art, our purpose is to provide a bespoke platform for emerging to distinguished artists. Artists are in capable guidance of our team with artwork listed in a meticulously curated art space.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We translate our art gallery ethos through meaningful stories with a purpose to educate collectors and admires of art. Artist stories are written monthly and displayed on our Artist Feature space, what is highlighted in every story is our artist's inspirations and subjective frame.

Our Unparalleled Artwork

Authentic and exclusive. Guaranteed one-of-a-kind artwork, an independently curated collection with art selected to what we believe epitomises our gallery image.

"Contented on highlighting artists ideas and concepts, we want art to be at the forefront of Australian Culture."

Gallery Director

About Tahlia Whitfield

Beginning my profession in art as an oil painter assisted me immensely in my appreciation of an artists creative process, my critical analysis of artwork and what constitutes value in art.

With 8 years of experience in art practice, gallery operations, curating and writing I have established a responsibility in identifying the quality of art, what is unique and the brilliance of craftsmanship. I have now employed my expertise in the physical and theories of art to open my own esteemed online gallery space, Whitfield Collection.