Deconstructed Landscape No. 7

The latest offering where shapes, colours and textures combine into this layered and loose conversation with the land. It is my response, in paint and oil pastels to the ‘feel’ of nature in unrealistic hues, my translation of a homeland where the joy of colour continues.

My paintings are colourful without doubt but I carefully consider all hues and pigment values when choosing what to put where during the exciting experimental phase which comes before the finishing period that welds it all together into a cohesive statement that represents me and the equivalent of what I felt.

~Layered artist quality acrylic and oil pastels 76cm x 102cm x 4cm

~This is an original, one of a kind artwork on stretched canvas and is ready to hang.

~The artwork is unframed with the edges toned and will look great from all sides.

~I have added a photo of the painting with a frame to show you what it may look like in your room if it suits you and your furnishings.

~The painting is proudly signed on the back with a certificate of authenticity.