Because sometimes decisions are hard to make. As I paint I’m in a constant state of making decisions. This one I was asking myself – Is it too busy? Are there too many colours? Sometimes the questions in my mind threaten to pull me off track. But I made my decisions and here’s the result! What do you think? Did I make good decisions?

My philosophy is there are no right or wrong decisions – only different ones. Of course they have different consequences but it’s how we reframe them that’s important. And the main thing is to choose and follow through with confidence. Because the worst decision? No decision…

This painting is part of my 'Journeys series.
‘Journeys’ is a luminous maze of joyful colours that brings energy and impact to a space. Born out of a desire to paint through a period where I couldn’t travel, I took myself on a journey through exploring colour and shapes on the canvas. The result is a harmonious composition that takes you on your own uplifting journey that never ends...

76cm x 76cm x 3.5cm

Acrylic on stretched canvas