The clothes line is symbolic of the time continuum and I am travelling with my teddy bear, tricycle, books  etc. Its not because others made bad life choices that I had to continue their inferno.

I saw over and over those two women making the wrong choices, I saw them being proud but not recognising anything to be proud of. Very young I was determined to not go down that same path and this painting is about my awakening/ awareness . It was 1 of 4 pieces for an exhibition called SHINE LOUD last year. It was extremely painful to create and often tears come up when I look at it. You can use which ever part of the text or none I think the piece is strong enough to convey what it is about except if you haven't seen the 3 background shapes as people, 1 man 2 women.
Its hurting its powerful its fragile its everything but childish. Note the colour are matching the north American sky of Montreal the light is so different over-there.

Arches cotton rag paper 300gsm there is as usually gestural abstract layer of paper ground, watercolour and Japanese pearl colours added for the clothes line.

Dimensions: 85X60 cm

Medium: watercolour