Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia is a distinguished figurative-expressionist artist and significant contributor to the art world. A native French speaker from Montreal Canada with a succinct interest in anthropology and linguistics, Daniele's remarkable artwork is often a piece of social commentary with interests surpassing human consciousness and nature.

When the artist was a child her mother would anticipate finding her bedroom walls adorned by Daniele's visual work. The aspiring artist began to succeed in art as a teenager, sketching life models at the Museum of Montreal. Daniele obtained her fine art degree in the 70's in Montreal, and commenced work as a graphic designer, she  was enthralled in 3D art utilising bronze, stone, plaster, plastic, clay and canvas. Throughout her  studies Daniele maintained a total dislike for the second dimension and developed her gestural technique very early in her art practice Daniele. Since 1998, the figurative-expressionist artist has prioritised her art making full time and following in time held solo shows in both Australia and Singapore.

Daniele has exhibited her artwork worldwide including Australia, Singapore, Kenya and her birthplace Canada. The artist has received many accolades and awards for her contribution. In 2014 Daniele produced a kinetic 3D ephemeral sculpture for the Winter Wynnum Festival of Lights gaining live mainstream coverage by 7 News Brisbane.


The Jazz Singer and The Magician
Watercolour mixed media, oil stick and water-soluble graphite on cotton rag paper.
130 cm x 100 cm
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150 x 50 cm
Our demands on ourselves and on our children are unreasonable. The need for more, the incessant growing greed, the rise of individuality, our blindness is killing us, killing our children and their future.


 Daniele clearly has an exuberant zest for life and vigour for her art practice. Her pieces exude a rich sort of energy and are habitually personified with the artist's own trials and tribulations. “My art practice is rich because of it but suffered as well because of it.” Austrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele is a prominent artist to Daniele, the artist lived through the Spanish flu pandemic and Daniele claims his drawings are exquisite. The black contour he habitually uses to accentuate his skill is an inspiration to Daniele's artistic style she employs in her own art practice. Exuberant colour is repeatedly conveyed through her artwork. “I use my own composition of paper ground and cotton rag paper to create a gestural abstract layer before starting a new project. My palette is extremely vibrant and conveys ‘la joie de vivre’, the fact that I draw very well facilitates the visual stories creation and I create impromptu optical illusions.” Daniele's composition Motherhood is a beautiful ode to maternity and parentage. A mother is nursing her child and we can discern perhaps there are two women holding the infant in this artwork. Daniele conveys she is dyslexic and works with both hands turning her paper continuously. The artist's style can come as a surprise to even herself as its uniqueness is completely unplanned. Surrendering to the spontaneity of her work, the artist is still learning to live with it and embrace her individualism.  

I started to use systematically the paper ground as an abstract gestural primer. This primer I create myself and use it either dry or wet directly on the cotton rag paper. This first layer creates a coating before starting to paint adding transparencies and depth to my composition. To my knowledge I am the only watercolour painter using paper ground for watercolour in this manner.

watercolour / collage.
80 x 60 cm 


Motherhood portrays unconditional love, a mother doting to her child and a woman in her most natural glorious state. The embellishing detail and stance of the mother almost alludes to a Byzantine-like formation. There is a correspondence in detail between Motherhood the Madonna and Child in fine art. It is, however, up to the viewer's assertion if they associate this magnificent piece with any religious iconography.


 An artist's level of consciousness is most often far deeper than their social counterparts. An artist is critical, that of the world they live in, and it is these creative archetypes whose intellect surpasses the conscious. Art is an interior requisite and Daniele's visual repertoire allows the viewer to interpret its story in whichever way they desire. “We are expressing emotional states where viewers can identify and make the story theirs and, in a way, recreate the artwork to suit their story. This offers pleasure, sometimes catharsis or even support. The embellishment of one’s environment is essential for happiness and equilibrium. Art helps with self-identification and stability.” 


Daniele cannot put her finger one what would make her more complete than being what she has always been; An Artist.

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July 11, 2022 — Tahlia Whitfield-Rogers

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